Team Building Companies in Mumbai

Corporate Team Building in Mumbai

Working for modern corporations is not just about building competencies and skills in a classroom. It is also about getting along with people in an outbound team building activity.

Since you will be dealing with people, it is more important that you know how to take them along. You can also put it this way that it is the art of getting the work done. This is why we need team building training so that professionals can amp up their people skills.

Given that this job is tricky, there is a need for specialized training for professionals we have expert team building trainers in Mumbai who can do the job perfectly.

Team Building Activities for Corporate

Now given that these team building activities are meant for the corporate sphere, doesn't mean that they have to be formal and 'business-like'. Team building training in India is mostly derived from global practices, as well as a few indigenous methods. They include, plays, games and sometimes simulations of real life corporate situations.

Depending on the different goals of an organizations we have team building training programs that can have different activities that can bring out specific learnings.

There are activities where members of the supposed to form a project team and come together to create something or address a challenge that makes the teammates come together. Here the teams are distributed in smaller teams.

At times even music and dance is incorporated in team building activities for employees. This may seem odd, but we have done it for some organizations as a team building activity and it was great fun with learning.

Sometimes we do team do outdoor activities which have some kind of creative challenges: This is where the teams are prompted to come up with something creative and entertaining. 

Team Building Benefits for corporates

Team building activities help in building trust and rapport among the team members of the projects. In order to make any given project possible, it is necessary that we make the people come together and be at comfort with each other.

Firstly, it helps the team members understand each other's perspective and thus this reduces the chances of conflicts.

Secondly, this also helps the members to put them at ease with each other thus they can now exchange their ideas without any hesitation.

Thirdly, the team members can be at comfort with their senior or supervisor which helps to communicate their anxieties and problems openly. It helps in getting rid of the trust barrier.

How About Team Building For Managers?

The primary responsibility of a manager is to take the project to task and co-ordinate people's efforts in order to achieve the goal. This is where team building training can come handy.

A manager who knows how to manage people can anticipate 'people issues' that might come up can carry on with the project smoothly. In addition the manager can also handle any new unanticipated challenge that may arise in the middle of the project. 

If you are on a managerial position, we would suggest going for a program on team building training would be very helpful. Not only that it will give you more skills but will also show up in your resume.

Looking for Team Building Training in Mumbai?

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Corporate Training Companies Mumbai

Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai

The corporate world depends on competency and skills for growth. Only those companies that are focused in developing the required skills in their workforce will survive and thrive. Corporate training is so important because it can imbibe the employees with the necessary skill set for effectiveness on the job. 

There are various soft skills required in the corporate world, dominated mainly by communication and teamwork. You must have observed that top corporate personnel have a certain way of presenting themselves. This way of presentation is very measured, calculated and refined by training. This is what corporate training companies helps organizations to develop.

If you are a corporate decision maker, you should certainly try to find the best corporate training companies in Mumbai with which you can partner for fulfilling the long term goals of the organization.

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Training?

The corporate world demands self development and competency through skills. You have to have that 'in factor' which can propel your employees to a higher level. You need to give that value to your employees which can convince them that they have the qualities to go for the next position. This is where corporate training companies will come to your aid by building confidence and skills in your workforce.

You will be learning the corporate skills and methods such as communication skills, change management and team building. These are the things that matter a lot and make a lot of difference. You will be also taught corporate etiquette and body language for important corporate events, and much more. 

Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai can offer many other training programs on sales, communication and leadership. Since its is all about sending the right message to your counterparts, you will be taught to have an attitude of team work and leadership. This also includes handling conflicts and getting the work done by influence.
However, that's not all. This also includes imparting some specific competencies and knowledge that is much more than the aforementioned soft skills. 

Current Corporate Training Trends in Mumbai

In contrast to the earlier tendency, corporate training companies in Mumbai are inclined to make it more measurable. This helps to measure the real value of the delivered course. This leaves no room for any kind of doubt whether the training course was enough or not.

Hiring outsiders for higher positions requiring competency is always desirable. However, with the wrong hire, it can be just as wrong. Thus it is always better to select the competent ones from within the organization to promote them up the career ladder. This is even pragmatic since the record and competencies of the current corporate personnel is already known.

From all the information above it must be apparent to you that looking for corporate training companies in Mumbai is a better choice for furthering your career. It doesn't take much, but only some dedication and will power.

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Change Management Training India

Change Management in Organizations

It is said that change is an inevitable part of our life. Organizations have to introduce changes in their functioning time to time to stay at the edge. However, introducing change isn't as smooth and easy as it seems. It directly links us to the principle of adaptability. 

Whenever you introduce new policies or rules in your organization, there has to be a transition from the current state to the desired one. Change management training trains the leaders in an Organization to make this transition as smooth as possible. 

Change Management is all about getting systems, routines, resources and employees habituated to the new state through a smooth transition.

What Does Change Management Encompass?

In the era of globalization, stagnation is completely undesired. Changes can range from making small changes in the routine of the daily work to implementing new technology for operations. It can also mean changing the way things are done. 

There is a great range of what encompasses change management. However, what really matters here is that the employees should be able to cope up to the change and accept it. Change management training can also be termed as 'transition training'. We will see further how does change management really help your organization.

Some Basics Of Change Management.

Although different training programs will train your differently for change management, there are certain established rules. These have been widely accepted and will help you get a faint idea of change management. It goes in the order, 'Determining the need for change', 'Preparing and planning for change', 'Implementing the change' and 'Sustaining the change'. 

In the process of change management, certain departments look towards the technological and infrastructural aspects of the change. While there are others that are more inclined to look toward the human resource aspect.

The curriculum of the change management training programs differ with respect to the needs of your organization. Please get in touch with us.

How does change management training help me professionally?

If you are looking forward to add a few skill sets to your resume you should definitely go for a change management program. If you have a change management certification, it would be much better since it will increase your value. 

In addition, if you are looking for a new job, it will be taken in consideration as an additional professional trait. Even if not, it will certainly help you with your promotion. 

Organizations are constantly looking for newer skill sets in their current manpower. No wonder you will have an increased chance of getting promoted. It is usually advised that you should go for the week long one. Due to its duration, it is more likely to instill more credibility in your record.

Conflict Management Training India

Conflict Management Training in Organizations

Modern corporate environment is all about working together in order to solve the problem faced by the organization. However, it is quite obvious that there are going to be disagreements when solving problems, while making changes or when interests clash. This is where conflict management skills come into picture. 

Conflicts can hinder the smooth functioning of office activities. This may stall the progress of your workplace. Its not being implied that having conflicts itself is an aberration. It is in our human nature to disagree and fight for what we think is correct. However, isn't it better that conflicts get resolved sooner so that everyone can move along? This is where we need conflict management training.

What Exactly Does Conflict Management Training Do?

Managing conflicts between employees or between the management and the employees is not a cakewalk. Especially when the factors involved are varied and obscure. Only someone who has years of experience can possibly help with this. These sessions train supervisors, managers and leaders to identify and eliminate the key factors that cause the conflict.

One such part of the training includes helping the supervisor to understand the personality traits of the employees under him. Whenever conflicting personalities interact, the supervisor acts as a mediator so that there are no sparks flying in the office. In summary we can say that supervisors are trained to understand employees and effectively interact with them.

Managing Anger; Yours And That Of Others.

One obvious consequence of conflicts within employees is anger. An angry response is expected both from the supervisor as well as the employees under him. Although this is a very natural reaction, it can only further aggravate the situation. 

Conflict management training trains a manager to get control anger in order to respond to the employee better. Conflict Management Workshop emphasizes that remaining calm is the key to bring the situation under control.

In addition, conflict management training also trains leaders to respond appropriately to anger. It aims to strikes a balance between not being intimidating or reactive and being timid in front of your employees. 

Training Companies in India

Conflict Management Courses in India

Conflict management training programs are customized for your organization. Conflict Management training for Managers aims to give them a edge for resolving employee related conflicts. There will be various role plays in the training that will help you manage conflicts better.

Conflict Management Courses also focus on human psychology and ways to work around it. Generally Conflict Management Training is divided in various modules in order to give you a step by step training. Also, you will be trained in identifying conflict management styles of other managers and leaders namely Avoiding, Harmonizing, Forcing, Bargaining and Problem Solving so that you can deal with the situation even more effectively.

At Nalanda Training & Consulting we take the time to design conflict management workshop as per your requirement. When we do conflict management in organization it is usually a 2 day training program. Conflict Management skills are must for Managers and Leaders. you will find it useful to have this knowledge about conflict management. 

Our trainers have conducted many Conflict Management Courses in India and our experience says that the ability to management conflicts at workplace is very helpful for managers and leaders

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Business Etiquette Training Mumbai

What Is Business Etiquette Training

In the world of business, it is required for you to be updated with the latest developments in corporate business etiquettes. You should be handy with all the required tools and resources. You’re required to be disciplined, hardworking and diligent. As someone has rightly said time and tide wait for no man this applies so strictly in the business world that you cannot afford to lag behind in any way.

However, it is equally important that any business personnel looking forward to make it big has the right mix of the necessary social skills and qualities. And this includes assertive and confident body language and proper business etiquette & communication. This is where business etiquette training comes into the picture.

Why Do I Need Business Etiquette Training?

To make it clear, it is all about the right kind of communication with the people you will be dealing with, as a top level business personnel. In today’s world where globalization has swept throughout the shores, it is important that one should exhibit the right combination of etiquettes and presentation skills.

These skills reflect one’s professional competency and help make a lasting impression. Perhaps the most significant aspect of business etiquette training is that it helps a great deal in inter-cultural business deal, hence leaving no room for any kind of discrepancies.

So How Does It Help Me When It Comes To A Global Business?

Although globalization has been taking place for the last few decades, communication compatibility still remains an issue. If you intend to expand your business offshore, it is important that you should be armed with the right communication strategies.

This becomes necessary since you would want your business counterparts to get the right message. Not only that, but you would also want to make a lasting impression on them. The only way this can be possible is by having the right set of communication skills. This is where business etiquette training comes into picture.

Importance Of Grooming In Business Etiquette.

Grooming refers to self presentation methods that encompass a range of rules that help you steer your manners and body language in a desirable manner. You will learn some professional table manners when it comes to business dinners and conferences. Also, you will be taught the right type of body language that will not only put the other party at comfort but also impress them.

Additionally special focus is given on external presentation such as business attire, hair style, personal tidiness and overall looks. Given that making an impression holds so much importance, there can be no substitute for proper corporate etiquette & personal grooming.

So How Is It Beneficial To Me? Business etiquette and personal grooming is like the first line of impression that you will make before the actual business proceedings take place. With all the emphasis given on presentation, you can be sure that you will be able to make a good impression on your clients/business partners.

Always remember, that before any business deal is signed, it is the self presentation that is going to decide whether you make the deal or break the deal.

If you are looking for personal grooming workshop in Mumbai or business etiquette training in Mumbai, please call us on 9820850475 to discuss your needs.