Outbound Training in Mumbai

Corporate Outbound Training Programs

Corporate Outbound training is exciting and rewarding. One of the reasons everyone looks forward to outbound training is the element of fun and adventure. Training is a byproduct. Learning happens in an open environment.

Once the activity is done, an open environment puts people into a reflective mood. This is where the lessons are learnt. We have see this over and over in the numerous outbound training in Mumbai and other locations. Outbound team building activities are so effective that they literally make people free to express themselves. 

We have done many corporate outbound training in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Chennai and we have found that when participants are away from work they open up and their inhibitions are gone. This makes outdoor activities and games an amazing tool for management development.

We design all outbound training in Mumbai keeping in mind the outcome shared by the business heads of the target audience. This helps us align the individual to the objectives of the organization in a playful and enjoyable way.

All our outbound training programs in Mumbai are focused on making the team more effective and productive by enhancing the feeling of team spirit and oneness.

Outbound adventures generates a new enthusiasm in the participants and makes them so positive and charged that they reach new peaks of performance and leadership in the organization.

We are among the best outbound training companies in Mumbai not only because we put participants through a series of team building activities but because we make them contribute to the team in innovative ways and win the games they play.

We conduct Outbound Training in Mumbai and other interesting locations nearby Mumbai, like Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Karjat, etc. Call us to explore the possibilities for your next Outbound training in Mumbai. Call us on 9820850475.

Executive Coaching Certification in India

Executive Coaching in India

Looking at the numerous benefits of Executive Coaching and mentoring, many top executives are turning to Executive Coaching certification in India. 

Executive Coaching Program helps people to become the very best in what you do as a leader in your organization as well as a person as a whole. The focus of Executive Coaching firms is on your advancement towards the goals that you define for yourself.

Who should go for an Executive Coaching Program? Everybody who wants to get success in business must have a coach, especially first times CEO's must do executive coaching training.

Just as athletes have coaches, more and more professionals are now going for executive coaching services to grow faster. As you grow as a person, as a leader, as the CEO and as a human being.

In our most recent batch of executive coaching in Mumbai, students reported not only greater productivity but they got new insights about themselves. They learnt how they are perceived by others and ways in which they can improve it to enhance their influence.

Although the Executive Coaching fees in India is considerable but it pays off in terms of faster promotions and higher responsibilities.

Executive Coaching Companies strive to give you the perspective that will change your beliefs and attitudes that you are totally unaware at present. With these new insights, you find yourself taking new actions.

One participant from our Executive Coaching Program in Bangalore shared that the training gave him clarity on his values and this gave him so much conviction to implement his ideas that he could not have achieved without the course.

People go for Executive Coaching in India for improving skills like team building, persuasion, influencing, communication, delegation, conflict management, etc.

For information on our upcoming Executive Coaching Certification in India please contact Sachin on 9820850475.

Heal Your Life Workshops in Mumbai

Heal Your Life Workshop Mumbai

Once again we are delighted to announce Heal Your Life Workshop in Mumbai. Through this life-changing workshop each of us can participating in the planetary transformation that Louise Hay has talked about. This 2 day Love yourself Heal your life workshop is so beautifully that you have to experience it to believe it.

When you can love and be loved without any judgement, you create a magical world around you. When we love our self, we are able to give love to others as well. You will discover how each person on this planet is on a unique soul journey and in few simple steps you can work inward and pave your pathway towards your journey. 

If you feel the Pull for Heal Your Life Workshop then it is a calling to take the step to evolve in your journey towards your soul purpose. Many people experience amazing healing because the groups energy elevates our spirit. 

Heal your life Workshops are based on the principles of the book You can heal your Life by Louise Hay and people from all over the world have taken advantage of this amazing workshop. In India there are many Heal your Life Trainers who conduct Heal your life workshops in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and other cities.

When I first heard about this Louise Hay Workshop, I felt the pull to be on this journey and am glad I took that one step because since then my growth path is wide open and I am moving fast towards my goals. 

We also have plans to bring more smiles on your face along with positive healing so we take this opportunity to gift all participants in this workshop. You can make our work simpler by registering sooner, so I get the head count. Will be glad to receive your confirmation at the earliest so that I can book your seat. 

Louise has helped people from all over the world and we hope that this workshop will help you achieve your full potential. Louise says that if she is able to be a stepping stone on your path of self discovery she will be so happy. 

Heal your life workshop teaches you to love yourself and take charge of your life. You will discover your own power. You have the inner wisdom to deal with any circumstances in your life. When we start appreciating who we are and when you start accepting yourself, magical things start happening in our life.

Basic Heal Your Life® philosophy is:
  • What we think about ourselves becomes true for us
  • Everyone is responsible for everything in their lives — the best and the worst
  • Every thought we think is creating our future
  • Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings
  • The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences
  • We can change the thoughts we think
This 2 day workshop will make you aware of your negative beliefs and allow you to release them and thus change your life for ever. You will be able to get more from life and attract all the goodness and abundance from the universe.

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