Mind Power Workshop in Mumbai

Next Mind Power Course - 16 November

In the Mind Power Workshop you will access the hidden potential of your mind. It has been proven that your mind has unlimited potential. You can achieve all your dreams and goals when you activate your subconscious mind and use its unlimited power to create results in all areas of your life.

In this Scientifically designed Mind Power Workshop you will learn how to enter the super learning state of mind known as Alpha and how to use this state to create success in all areas of your life.

You will learn how the mind works and how to activate both the left and right hemisphere of the brain to use the full potential of your brain to solve problems and achieve goals.

Topics covered in Mind Power Workshop:

  • How to relax quickly and completely
  • How to boost your confidence before an important event
  • How to think positive all the time
  • How to make the law of attraction work for you
  • How to enter deep meditation in minutes
  • How to set and achieve your goals
  • How to solve relationship problems
  • How to find solution to any problem using subconscious mind
  • How to be stress free forever
  • How to change habits and form new habits
  • How to learn new things quickly
  • How to get good sleep and enjoy good health
  • How to enhance your intuition

And much more...

Date: 16 November

Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Fees: 4000 (including, Manual, Certificate, Lunch, Tea, Etc.)

You can repeat the course anytime by just paying the venue charges. Current venue charges is Rs 600.

Facilitator: Mr Sachin Bangera holds a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology. He is a Mind Power Trainer and a Certified Master Coach.

City: Mumbai

Hotel Karl Residency
36, Lallubhai Park Road,
Andheri West, Mumbai 400058.
(5 Minute walk from Andheri Station)

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Posted by: +Jashmi Waghela