Emotional Intelligence Training Courses in India

Emotional Intelligence Training Course has a long lasting impact on participants. 

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE plays a key role in recruiting, sales, team work, Management, decision making and Leadership in all organizations.


"With Emotional Intelligence Training

Managers And Leaders Are Able To

Perceive, Access and Manage

 Emotions of Self and Others Effectively 

 Resulting in Team Work, Performance

And Healthy Work Environment." 

To know how this program can benefit you and your organization, continue to read this page and fill in your company information in the box below. We will share with you how the skill of Emotional Intelligence is critical in Management and Leadership in any organizations and how it instills increased cooperation among all employees within the organization...
In the Emotional Intelligence Training You will see:
  • How taking responsibility of your own emotions, has a positive impact on your conversation with  your Managers. Rather than analyzing the actions or motives of other people, you are able to analyze your own feelings and take effective action.
  • When Managers are able to effectively perceive and identify emotions by reading facial expressions, tone of voice and body language... they are able to deal with difficult situations with ease.
  • How Real Team Work is brought about when co-workers are self aware of their emotions (Hint - When you are aware of your own feelings you are less reactive and you minimize problems caused by negative feelings among Employee)...
  • How a Simple Thing like identifying and labeling feelings and emotions enhances your ability to discuss emotions and communicate clearly and directly with colleagues and seniors even in difficult situations.
  • Developing leaders with High EQ changes how managers manage people, how they make decisions, etc. as they are able to notice their feelings and predict the impact of their actions and thus make sound judgments...
  • How understanding the interrelations between emotions, thoughts and actions can make managers more responsible and better able to control their own behaviors during meetings, discussions with peers and subordinates, resulting in better relations at work.
  • How performance management becomes easy when managers and subordinates are able to read the non-verbal emotions in others... 
  • That's not all, there is Much, Much, More to this amazing !

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