How To Become A Soft Skills Trainer

Want to become a Soft Skills Trainer?

When someone asks me 'how to become a soft skills trainer' it reminds me of my early days. It also makes happy because there is one more person joining the community of soft skills trainers.

To become a soft skills trainer you need to develop your skills and domain knowledge but more than that you need a Mentor. You need someone who could guide you on the path as you develop your skills and domain knowledge. 

You will develop your communication, presentation, facilitation and public speaking skills with time. When you have a role model to follow, it becomes easy. You don't need an MBA to be an effective trainer but if you have one it will be helpful. 

Speaking at social organizations like Rotary club can help but there is nothing comparable to conducting a module in front of your mentor and getting feedback from your mentor.

Attending a Train the Trainer program can help but only if it is followed by on the job training, coaching and feedback from a mentor who is committed to your success.

You can observe your Mentor as he/she conducts various programs and then gives you an opportunity to conduct soft skills training on topics that you are passionate about and confident in conducting. 

When you work with a Mentor who is actively involved in providing training to corporate, you get to learn other aspects of being a soft skills trainer like understanding the needs of the client, offering a solution to the client that meets his expectations and designing and developing the programs and at last delivering the soft skills training to achieve the desired results.

You will learn a lot more by observing your Mentor than by reading books. By working with a Mentor you can learn so many things that its not possible to list all of them. The way your mentor interacts with various levels of audience, the exercises done and the examples given and the activities conducted while the training is conducted on various topics. 

Your mentor can help you launch yourself in the corporate world as a soft skills trainer. Once you gain experience and once you and your mentor have the confidence that you can deliver a couple of topics, you are ready to fulfill your dream and desire to become a soft skills trainer. Then when you have sufficient experience and when you have a few references and clients you can decide if you want to continue to work with your mentor or start your own soft skills training company.

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If you have a passion for soft skills training and if you like to keep learning new things and if you love to share what you have learned then you will be fulfilled as well as rewarded as a Trainer. When you learn to apply facilitation skills to adjust your training delivery according to the level of the target audience you will get lot of success in this field.

A soft skills trainer is not a teacher, he is a facilitator who creates an environment where learning takes place. A soft skills trainer ask questions which put the participants in an inquiry that makes them think and come up with answers. This is much better than giving suggestions or tell people what to do because the answer is their own. It is a creation of their own mind and people are more likely to do or agree with their own ideas than those imposed by others.

With your Mentor as your role model you can learn a lot more things like voice modulation and body language besides 100 other things and at the same time you can develop your own style.

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