Critical Thinking Skills Training Workshop in India

This is the most effective Critical Thinking Skills Course for Managers and Leaders in any business.

PRECISION QUESTIONING & ANSWERING (PQ&A) is an effective communication & preparation tool to improve presentations, meetings, negotiations, interviews & decision-making.

  • In the Precision Questioning Skills workshop, participants learn to use the 7 Question types which were developed during intensive PhD research at Stanford University, USA.
  • PQ&A focuses on clearly expressing gaps in thinking by coupling a taxonomy of analytical questions with a structured call-and-response model to enable PQ practitioners to uncover weaknesses in thinking and to raise the intellectual level of a conversation.
  • Precision questioning holds to the ideal of meeting one's own needs for information while also respecting the intellectual integrity of the conversation-partner.

MAIN BENEFITS of Critical Thinking Skills Course :

  • Employees communicate more accurately & persuasively.
  • Increased effectiveness & minimized conflict.
  • Improved decision-making with critical thinking techniques
  • Strengthening analytical thinking.
  • Reduced cost of decision making and rework
  • Improving critical thinking skills!!
  • Solve complex business problems using critical thinking tools
  • Demonstrate deeper thinking on issues
  • Surface unknown issues and assumptions
  • Reduce errors and re-work
  • Effective and productive meetings

TARGET GROUP: All Management levels including Business Leaders, CEO's, Managing Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, Sales Managers, Entrepreneurs, Negotiators, etc

TRAINING Topics / Modules / Content:
1. INTRODUCTION TO PQ&A. (Video Case study)

  • Identifying the communication challenges.
  • The structure of effective discussion.
  • The business & personal benefits of PQ&A.
  • When not to use PQ&A.


  • The seven categories of questions.
  • Asking for clarification.
  • Challenging assumptions.
  • Basic critical questions.
  • Four columns preparation tool.


  • The three basic rules of PA
  • Guiding the questioner.
  • Keeping answers concise.


  • Practice session.


  • Analytical & social intelligence
  • Action planning.

Pre-task (recommendation preparation), trainer presentations, video case study, group work, post training tasks and follow up activities.

DURATION: 1 day.

Companies using PQ&A : Many companies in in the United States, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America are using PQ&A, here is just 1 example - Microsoft. It is the most popular personal effectiveness training program for Microsoft with over 25,000 participants worldwide.

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