Corporate Soft Skill Training Programme in Noida

Please see given below the different training packages offered by Scope
Eduvision Institute:
1.Soft Skill Training Programme for Students
Duration: 1 month
Venue: Scope Eduvision Institute
Time: 9:30-1:00, Weekends
Course fee: Rs. 3000

This training program aims at aiding a student, understand the various
elements that go into bringing out the best personality through
polished soft skills. The components of the programme include:

1st week

Introduction and Perceptions


·         Grooming and Personal Hygiene

·         Body Language

·         Social Etiquette

2nd week


·         Address and greetings

·         Self Introduction/Starting a conversation

·         Pronunciation Basics

·         Active and Passive Voice

      ii.            Leadership skills

3rd week


·         Process

·         Barriers

·         Listening skills

·         Role Play

4th week

Presentation Skills

·         Introduction

·         Content Development

·         Slide Management

·         Public speaking

      ii.            Motivation and team building


2. Corporate Training Programme

Duration: 3 days
Venue: Company site
Time: 9:30-5:00
Course fee: Rs. 6000
The Right and Ethical Approach
·  Conflict Management
·  Etiquette
·  Customer Service and Orientation
·  Effective Business Communication Skills
·  Influencing Tactics & Problem Solving
·  Interpersonal Skills
·  Personal Effectiveness
·  Problem Solving & Decision Making
·  WOW Factor in Service
·  Stress Management

3. Soft Skill Training Programme
Duration: 3 days
Starting: January 05, 2010
Venue: YMCA, Conference hall
Time: 9:30-5:00
Course fee: Rs. 8000
Personal Effectiveness
Motivation and Leadership Skills
Confidence and Positive Thinking
Professional Selling Skills
Consumer Behavior
Business Communication
Mind skills and Mind setup
Team Building


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