Presentation skills tips from a training workshop for Sales

Five steps to make good presentation 

Step – one 

Information Gathering 

1. About the audience profile. 

2. About the theme of presentation and information connected with the theme. 

3. About the duration of the presentation. 
Step – two Preparation 

1. Structure the contents using 5 W and 1 H (where, who, why, when, what and how). 

2. Use PowerPoint or speaking notes. 

3. Organise the content to suit the audience. Use pictures and other visuals. 

4. anecdotes/stories/ experiences to be used to make the presentation interesting. 

5. For marketing presentation, adopt AIDA model (Attention, interest, desire and action). 

6. Prepare your slides only for three-fourth of the time allotted. 

7. Rehearse mentally and/or physically. 

8. when you have too many points mention briefly all ( or important but speak about one or two appropriate points keeping, audience, time and relevance). 
Five steps to make good presentation 

Step – Three 

On-stage presentation 

1. Your appearance should be neat and acceptable to create the best first impression. 

2. If you have stage fright, before starting your presentation, take a deep breath. 

3. Start your presentation calmly without fear and with confidence. 

4. Deliver your presentation systematically; do not read the PowerPoint presentation robotically. 

5. Usage of anecdotes, stories, humour is important. 

6. Give importance to body language and voice modulation; be enthusiastic and smile. 
Step – Four 

Connecting with audience 

1. Keep revolving your eyes and observe audience reaction. 

2. Keep eye contact with them. 

3. Engage the audience in conversation and involve them. 

4. Ensure that your contents relate to the audience; Give only what they can consume; Do not showcase your knowledge and expertise. 

5. Speak for the occasion. 
Five steps to make good presentation 

Step – Five 

Sum-up and feedback 

1. Before closure of your presentation, sum up and give your final message. 

2. Confine to the allotted time and do not exceed. 

3. Thank the audience. 

4. Handle your Q & A Session gracefully; If you do not know an answer, accept this and promise to provide separately. 

5. Get the honest feedback from your friends and from others for future improvement. 

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