Corporate soft skills Training companies in Delhi

Corporate Training offered by KCPI is conducted by team of experts who have experience of more than a decade in the fields of soft skills and IT training. It is a combination of modern theory with interactive session that helps our delegates learn things, the professional way and some group exercises are used to make training a fun and challenging. We cater training as per your requirements. 

Course contents are updated constantly by a dedicated team, and it is developed based on the knowledge that is collected from the business world. Our training program helps an organization grow by helping their people develop the competent skills. We aim at developing individual competencies to address the day to day business challenges. 

Modules Designed & delivered Communication Training 1. Communication Skills 2. Voice & Accent Training 3. Speaking Skills for the professional world 4. Voice Modulation 5. Listening Skills 6. Effective Speaking Skills 7. Interpersonal Communication 8. Email Etiquettes 9. Telephone Etiquettes 10. Effective Writing Skills 11. Presentation Skills for the professional World 12. Business Communications for the Professional World 13. Business writing for executives 

Behavioural Training 
– Leadership Skills 1. Emotional Intelligence 2. Stress Management 3. Anger Management 4. Customer Service Orientation 5. Time Management 6. Negotiation & Influencing Skills 7. Transactional analysis 8. Decision Making 9. Problem Solving 
10. Changing Mind Set 11. Change Management 12. Train the Trainer Interpersonal Skills 

Enhancement Training 1. Assertiveness 2. Interpersonal Skills 3. Personal Effectiveness 4. Managerial Effectiveness 5. Supervisory Skills for Managers 6. Team Building 7. Meetings Management 8. Interviewing Skills for HR and Technical Managers 9. Team building 10. Managerial Skills for first time leaders 

Cultural Orientation Training 1. UK Cross Culture Orientation 2. US Cross Culture Orientation 3. Israel Cross Culture Orientation Campus to Corporate Training 1. Value Lab 2. Change Management 3. Business Etiquettes (Social, Business, dining, Dress, Meetings) 4. Business Communications 5. Customer Service 6. Time Management 

English Enhancement Training 1. Grammar Corrections and Basics Overview 2. English in daily Use 3. English at the workplace 4. Effective English Speaking 5. Effective English Writing 6. English to enhance Professional Image 7. English Writing, speaking at the workplace For more details: Please mail us or call us

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