Tips for Sales Negotiations

Tips for Sales Negotiations
Money really is not that important for customers as much as they make you feel.
Avoid being manipulated during negotiations by listening keenly
The art of listening in business negotiations is key in the end
Negotiate to your best advantage by letting them make the first move
Relax and put your negotiations on auto-pilot by keeping quite and making the customer talk
Make a checklist to ensure a successful outcome
Negotiate in a team, 1 additional person in your team makes a difference.
Build super bargaining power by demanding more and being slow in giving discounts
Try to negotiate a better deal every time
Negotiation occurs all the time, be prepared from the beginning
Be polite in your business negotiations
Hiring a negotiator is not a good idea, do it yourself
Negotiate confidently in recession and boost profits
Remember: equal pain or equal gain
When you negotiate, do not cringe.
Invest time to learn the fine art of negotiation
Try to uncover the hidden needs and drives of the customer
Establishing ground rules in the beginning is important
Do not negotiating via e-mail
More people make for better deals
Reply to business negotiator with a different negotiation style than theirs
The danger of assumptions in negotiations is big - be aware of assumptions
Persistence & risk taking pays off at the end.
Work like the pros - avoid common mistakes negotiators make
Winning the battle and the war as well is important
Negotiating the best price is important to be profitable
Do not escape reality when negotiating
Negotiate from both sides of the table
Time as a critical element in negotiations - wait for the best time
Negotiation means mental games: understand the psychology of negotiating